A country where hard work pays off

Our economy is changing fast, and we need to equip Americans with the tools they need to thrive in the new economy--not the old. That means investing in infrastructure, reimagining our education system, and rewriting the rules of our economy to build an America where hard work pays off.

Infrastructure: We can rebuild our economy by rebuilding our country. That starts with connecting every house in America to affordable, high-speed internet. And it means not just repairing our roads, bridges, and water pipes but building next-generation transportation, like high-speed rail, because everyone should have access to good jobs in their region and a chance to make it home after work in time for dinner.

Education: Zip codes or skin color should never limit children’s potential or determine the quality of their schools. To fix our education system, we need to pay our teachers what they deserve, truly integrate our schools, and give all of our country’s kids a public education that prepares them for the new economy--regardless of where they live. And secondary education, whether it’s traditional college, community college, or vocational school, should be within reach for every kid in America.

Growing the middle class: Our country was founded on the idea of equality of opportunity. But today, 1% of Americans have more money than the bottom 50% of Americans combined. That’s unacceptable. Our tax system should help grow the middle class and small businesses. Our family leave policies should make it easier for Americans to raise a family. And our investments should positively impact every community in the country.