Foreign Policy and National Security

 A country that’s safe and strong


In the Marines, our division’s motto was “no better friend, no worse enemy.” That means your allies trust you, and your enemies trust your resolve. Our country should be no different. But over the last couple years, this administration has turned its back on our friends and cozied up to our adversaries. Donald Trump’s erratic foreign policy has weakened the country, left our allies in the lurch, and emboldened our adversaries across the globe. That needs to change in 2020.

When it comes to national security, our solution has too often been only “more:” more ships, more troops, more spending. But instead of always fighting with more, we have to fight smarter. No more building outdated, costly weapons systems—we need to make sure our troops have the best technology to defeat our adversaries and support our allies. That means dramatically increasing our investment in autonomous, hypersonic, and cyber weapons--and continuing to invest in basic scientific research, education, and immigration.

But to restore strong American leadership, we need to use all the tools at our disposal—from foreign aid to new alliances to diplomacy—not just the military. We should build new alliances, like a Pacific NATO, to counter the growing threats of Russia and China abroad. And we need to take care of those who care of us, whether it’s an ally in the Paris Climate Accord or the veterans who fight our wars.

Our troops deserve it and our national security demands it.