2015 In Review


Seth accomplished a great deal in 2015. The following recaps some of Seth's notable stories, moments and milestones from his first year in office.


January 6

 Soup kitchen and swearing in


WASHINGTON – Representative Seth Moulton was sworn into the 114th Congress on Tuesday afternoon, taking over the Massachusetts Sixth Congressional District seat from former Representative John Tierney. A Salem native, Moulton will represent the district covering most of the North Shore.

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January 8

First floor speech


January 25

Seth on MSNBC's Taking the Hill: "We need to focus on ISIS"


February 21

Salem News: Moulton returns to Iraq, Middle East on congressional tour


SALEM — Congressman Seth Moulton just returned from his first trip back to Iraq since serving there with the Marines between 2003 to 2008.

But the first-term congressman wasn’t going back for a reunion. He was there for a much more serious reason: the Islamic State group’s escalating threat to the region and the world.

Moulton, a Salem Democrat, joined U.S. Reps. Brad Ashford (D-Nebraska), Elise Stefanik (R-New York) and Joe Wilson (R-South Carolina) on a week-long House Armed Services Committee delegation. They were there from Feb. 13 to 20.

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March 5

After Months of Pressure, NOAA adopts Sector Proposal on Cod Fishing Restrictions


Washington, D.C. – Today, following pressure by the Northeast Seafood Coalition (NSC), Gloucester Fishing Community Preservation Fund and Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA), the Northeast Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that it would adopt the sector-based proposal on cod fishing restrictions.

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Gloucester Times: NOAA to Reconsider Emergency Gulf of Maine Cod Measures

The fishing sector-based proposal to remove some of the most restrictive emergency cod measures in the Gulf of Maine, initially rejected by NOAA Fisheries, is back in play.

Responding to a Jan. 22 letter written by U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton and co-signed by four other members of the Bay State's congressional delegation, NOAA Fisheries now says the alternative cod management proposal developed by the Gloucester Fishing Community Preservation Fund and Northeast Fishing Sector 4 "warrants further consideration."

NOAA informed Moulton on Wednesday night that it will revisit the alternative cod management proposal put forth by the fishing sectors and other fishing advocates.

"Fishermen, environmentalists and others share a commitment to ensuring a sustainable fishery for future generations," Moulton said today in a statement. "I am grateful that NOAA will revisit how we go about accomplishing that goal."

In the Jan. 22 letter, the first-term congressman and his colleagues went to bat for the plan largely developed by GFCPF Executive Director Vito Giacalone and widely endorsed by sectors and other fishing advocates and stakeholders.

That plan proposed fishing sectors would surrender up to 60 metric tons of their annual cod catch entitlement if NOAA would relax or eliminate some of the emergency cod measures it instituted last November after a surprise and unscheduled stock assessment last summer showed the Gulf of Maine cod stock to be highly imperiled.

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March 11

Moulton proud to march in Boston's St. Patrick's Day Parade with OUTVETS

St Patricks Parade Gays

OUTVETS not only honors the service and sacrifice of active-duty service members and veterans who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and those questioning their sexuality, but all veterans and their families, according to the group’s commander, Bryan Bishop. Membership in the group is open to gay and straight veterans and active-duty personnel.

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April 7

TIME: ISIS Defeat Must Be Political

Stop us if you have heard this before. Gruesome beheadings and torture dominate headlines. Violence is steadily escalating across Iraq. But our military advisors are optimistic: Ancient tribes are banding together to fight back, sectarian military and political leaders are being replaced, soldiers are gaining skills and confidence with their American trainers, and our special operations forces are eliminating the majority of the terrorist leaders.
That is the story in Iraq today. If it sounds familiar, that’s because it is exactly what we all heard in 2007, as we entered the surge.

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May 26

Seth Speaks at NSCC Commencement


June 5

First legislation introduced: The VA Education Training and Sustainability (VETS) Act

Congressman Seth Moulton has shared with local and national media his bad experience as a patient receiving care under the Veterans Administration to address a hernia he sustained while lifting weights.

With each interview, Moulton describes undergoing an intake process in which staff at a Washington D.C. VA hospital spent 30 minutes looking up his veteran status.

The story coincides with the congressman’s package of four bills aimed at improving the VA’s medical workforce through investing in existing staff, expanding educational opportunities and attracting talent.

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June 27



July 8

Seth Co-Authors Free Community College Bill

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton joined other Democrats Wednesday in proposing legislation that would provide $80 billion to states over the next decade to make two years of community college available free of charge.

In his district, the North Shore Community College has estimated that it provides surrounding communities a $100 million economic boost, roughly a five-to-one return on the public money spent to support the college, he explained.

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Introducing America's College Promise Act of 2015

This week, Congressman Seth Moulton joined Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA), the top Democrat on the Committee on Education and Workforce, and other congressional leaders at a press conference to announce the America’s College Promise Act of 2015. The bill, if enacted, would make two years of community college free and provide an affordable pathway for low-income students to a four-year college degree.

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July 13th

First Bill Passed!

Last month, the House Committee on Small Business unanimously passed legislation authored by Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Salem) to increase access to capital for startups and small businesses by modernizing the Small Business Administration's Microloan Program.

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July 30

Saugus Fire Department nets $144K for equipment from FEMA grant


The Saugus Fire Department is now home to 20 new air packs and 34 face pieces, thanks to a $144,728 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).The 2014 grant was awarded to the department during a ceremony on July 26, when Congressman Seth Moulton, Saugus Town Manager Scott Crabtree, Fire Chief Don McQuaid and several firefighters gathered to check out to the new equipment."These firefighters put their lives on the line for Saugus residents every day," said Moulton.

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August 10

Moulton Announces Congress on Your Corner Tour of the Sixth Congressional District

Peabody, MA - Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) today announced the "Congress on Your Corner" tour, a series of five public events throughout Massachusetts' Sixth District during the month of August. The tour is part of Moulton's effort to increase access to the constituent services his office provides.

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August 17

Salem News: Our view: An open approach to volatile Iran issue

Since he decided to run for office two years ago, Seth has promised he would keep an open mind and take a thoughtful, reasoned approach to the tough issues of our day. We don't need political posturing or soundbites. We need representatives who are really willing to engage on the issues and make tough decisions - even when they are not politically expedient. Seth's approach to the Iran Deal is a prime example.

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August 20

Moulton discusses Iran Nuclear Deal


August 24

White House Touts Moulton's Support of Iran Deal

One Veteran's Perspective on the Iran Deal

This morning, Congressman Seth Moulton sent the following message to the White House email list to share why, as a combat veteran, he supports the Iran deal. You can learn more about the historic deal here: www.whitehouse.gov/Iran-deal As a combat veteran, I know the cost of war.


September 15

Seth Moulton on Iran, Joe Biden, & the VA


October 13

Federal Grant To Boost Gloucester Seafood Processing - Saving Seafood

October 14, 2015 - GLOUCESTER, Mass. - A $550,500 matching grant from the federal government will help the city carry out a $1.11 million water and sewer project aimed at boosting the water capacity for a growing number of high-volume commercial users in the city's Blackburn Industrial Park.


November 2


November 4

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) on Veterans Affairs Health Care System


November 7


November 11

On Veterans Day, warriors tell their stories - The Boston Globe

MARBLEHEAD - There was little food, water, or sleep to be had during the seemingly endless Battle of Najaf in August 2004. Marines had secured the police station in the heart of the Iraqi city, and withstood six hours of heavy fire before First Lieutenant Seth W.


November 18

Seth Moulton opened his home, heart to a refugee

Seth Moulton opened his home, heart to a refugee - The Boston Globe

If you want them here so badly, why don't you take in a refugee? That was the inevitable response from some of congressman Seth Moulton's critics this week, after he called out Governor Charlie Baker for saying he didn't want Syrian refugees coming to Massachusetts until his concerns over security are assuaged.

Watch: Varney, Dem Rep Moulton Spar Over Syrian Refugees - Breitbart

Fox Business Network "Varney & Co." host Stuart Varney and Representative and Iraq War veteran Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) clashed over the House bill putting a pause on Syrian refugees on Friday.


November 23

Governor Baker, Congressman Moulton, and Lynn Officials Announce the Launch of the Lynn Economic Advancement and Development (LEAD) Team - Congressman Seth Moulton

Lynn, Mass. - Today, Gov. Charlie Baker, Congressman Seth Moulton, Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Senator Thomas M. McGee, Representatives Fennell, Ehrlich, Wong, and Crighton, and other government and community officials announced the launch of the Lynn Economic Advancement and Development (LEAD) Team, a cross-governmental working group that will promote community revitalization in the city of ...


December 2

MSNBC: Discussion with Seth Moulton on New US ISIS Strategy